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Why I can't be creative alone...

I've always been fiercely independent. Maybe its the Taurus in me, but I cannot deny my stubborn streak. Its bigger than the Great Wall of China. My partner is learning to live with it (and learning to live with me for that matter!).

He has learned how to work with (manipulate lol) my stubbornness. And for that reason, he is helping me grow. Working on this new venture, and new creative projects, has been eye opening. What he has helped me learn, is that I do not 'know it all'. And more importantly, I have a lot of room to grow. This has taught me that the path forward looks exciting, not scary as it has in the past.

Having tried a similar venture before, I can see now that the primary reason for its failure was my inability to manage myself. I can easily assess (judge) others in business, but I truly cannot see the forest for the trees when I am working alone. I need a second set of eyes and ears, one that I truly love and trust.

As I continue to move forward on this path. I am scared. I remember the feelings of isolation and failure. But having a partner nudge me from behind helps. A lot. It doesn't feel as scary. When I have a though, good or bad, it helps to have a partner by my side. He doesn't mince words, but knows me well enough to know how to respond in a manner that makes me excited to make the next step forward.

Anyone reading this can help me by following my progress online. Either through my website, Facebook or Instagram, every like and share reinforces my confidence and adds a little more armor to my shield that blocks my own internal negativity. The more partners I have in this venture, the better! And let me know how I can help you in your creative journey.

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