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And so it begins... Again...

The path to personal success is tumultuous. Like Paula Abdul said, 'I take--2 steps forward I take--2 steps back.' The 2 steps forward always feel rewarding, but the 2 steps back feel like you just walked on a pile of legos. And after walking on legos do you really want to walk back over them to move forward?

Despite failures (or learning experiences lol) I strive to find a way to live doing what I love, design & art. I have learned I cannot do it alone. I need support. We all need support. Thankfully, last year I met the love of my life. He instantly saw the potential, and he saw my personal struggles that I tried very hard to hide from everyone.

Through his support, I am starting back at the beginning. I am going to use what I learned through all of my success and not-so-successful moments at motif. I am going to step out from behind the shadow of motif and create using my identify. Hence, the imminent launch of Nathan Allen Design.

Nathan Allen Design will feature... me. It's hard for me to be at the forefront, but I have learned it is me, and my talents, that can lead to success. If I enter this with love, passion, and most of all support, I WILL SURVIVE. And I WILL THRIVE!

Stay tuned as we continue to re-brand, enhance the new website and social media pages, and begin to show the world all about Nathan Allen Design.

Palm Springs in Vivid Color

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