Between the Lines

My First Gallery Collection

Perception guides how we see the world.  It can be all too easy to only see the ugly.  This series, Between The Lines, shows another way to look at the world.  This world is increasingly becoming black and white, red and blue, and simply polarizing.  The past couple of weeks have caused me to open my eyes and view the world around me in multi-rose colored glasses.  I hope you enjoy how I see the world, in all its vibrancy.  Creation is my outlet, and my reminder that despite the political climate, no one can stifle imagination.


These images all include areas of Palm Springs where power lines have obstructed the view.  Sometimes we only need to read between the lines to see.


I hope these images bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.

I wrote this just after completing this collection.  Creating this collection, during the election of 2016 and after, helped me cope with the negativity all around.


Custom Pieces

This collection is devoted to designs created for my clients.  Many of these pieces now hang in my clients homes, but they can be re-printed in many forms to add to your collection.


Furniture Designs

New Modern Design & Up-cycled Fashionable Decor

My new furniture creations feature metals, resulting in an industrial modern feel.  My other passion is creating bold and unique pieces with found materials.  If you have an old or dated item, I am happy to work with you to create a new and vibrant piece of decor sure to make an impression on your friends and family.

Up-Cycled Style

The gallery below features some examples of the furniture and decor I have created using found materials.  I firmly believe in re-using items to create a new style for your home.  There is so much waste going into our landfills, why not use what we have to create beauty with function.  One of my favorite creations is a chandelier that has been retrofitted with solar lights.  It adds a pop of style and color, while offering a soft, ambient light for your patio space.

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