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Nathan Allen is a prolific designer of Art & Furniture. He is also an expert in home renovation and repair. He recently relocated from Palm Springs, California to URB. Colinas Del Yunque in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.  He was raised on a farm in Aurelia, Iowa. 

Nathan's art is recognizable for his use of bold and saturated color.  His designs often include re-imagined scenes from nature and occasionally include geometric patterns.

Wood and metal are his primary media for designing and building his unique pieces of furniture.  His pieces are solid, with a timeless style.  Not only do they make a statement, but they also seek to serve a function as well.  

Nathan believes in being a productive member of the world community.  Wherever possible, he likes to re-purpose material and found items to help reduce the amount of waste polluting our environment. 

Let Nathan create a masterpiece to improve your home!



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